Free downloadable tabletop rpg's written by Japanese language

FAQ of Free downloadable tabletop rpg's written by Japanese language. If you can read Japanese language, these Japanese TRPG can play.

Free Downloadable RPGs (2012-12-31 23:33 JST update)

update history.I want easy question.

Hiden no Koe

Jidai-geki RPG , Playing Edo period .

Cute Sister TRPG

It is manga-like romantic comedy RPG .

Witch Quest

It is "Everyday magic" fantasy. It resembles "Kiki's Delivery Service".

Supeope Heros

Space Opera RPG.

Geisha Girl with Katana

"Geisha Girl with Katana" is playing as misconstrued Japan in movies .

Roleplaying System & Environment "KATARIBE"

Generic and simple Rule and community . #kataribe is KATARIBE lobby channel. KATARIBE channel's logs can read web KATARIBE IRC Headline.

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