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Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 14:54:02 +0900
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Subject: [KATARIBE 28343] [en] [HA06C] Bonny ghost after died: TOHNO Yuna
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*********  KATARIBE character record form  electron version  *********
HA06: Bonny ghost after died                                     izumi
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-  Character  private information  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Name: TOHNO Yuna                       Sex: Girl
Height: 163cm                          Weight: 0kg
Date of death: February 1999
Age at death: Seventeen ( Ghost history: 5 years at Feb. 2004 )
Family: Yuna has a dim recollection of them. Yuna don't dare to
declare that them.
History: Yuna died in an accident on February 1999. Her remains
sleeps quietly in close-by cemetery.
On May 1999, Yuna arisen as ghost have will by SATOMI Kyosuke. She is
doing ghostomania ( translator's notes:Ghostomania coined term that
means ghost-possession. ) him, and she catered by him for she stays
exist as ghost.
Yuna is supposedly member of Satomi family. but she don't like bad
jokes. She is innocence ghost, and she is fuzzy thinker.
Her look is high-school girl that likes at dead time, but her posturi-
ng is like a child.
She treats bona fide everybody basically, but the treat comes as unam-
using joke to everybody maybe because she comes round to sense of value
that the Satomi.
Yuna is in mortal fear of she rebuffed relationship by someone, becau-
se she desires bonds for she remains the mundaneness.
Yuna is misled into fuzzy thinking that a bogy is higher being than a
ghost lately, and she is aiming she will be a boogie.

	:Condition, feel and ambience.
	 Like a catnap in an Indian summer.
	 Like a serene eudaemonia.
	 Everyone loses hostility.

	:verb. >"TARE"

1: Everyone knows
2: Friend knows
3: Limited
4: Even oneself don't know
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Remaining power -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
total energy[15]	physical energy[5]	mental energy[10]
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The characteristic -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Social position:
	ghost: 2
	died by road accident: 3
	sleeps quietly in close-by cemetery: 3
	don't have unofficial census register: 1
	birthplace is Furi: 3
	SATOMI family: 2
	entity of empty: 3
	deathly pale: 1
	sanguine eyes( translator's notes:It's mark of Satomi. ): 1
	tender and medium haircut: 1
	estival school uniform: 1
	invisible feet
		( translator's notes:Because she is Japanese ghost. ): 1
	smile relax who sees her vigilance: 3
	positive: 2
	busybody: 2
	love to laugh: 2
	take care to forget: 2
	reserved for someone: 2
	pacifist( professedly ): 2
	cowardice: 2
	not sure if she was ghost:2
	seek friends: 2
	not know anything about SATOMI: 2
	statement of saying that she is 5 years old: 1
	antemortem memory lapse: 3
	don't attain Buddhahood: 2
	don't need sleep: 3
	don't need eat and drink: 3
	perform the ascetic practices why will be an admirable boogie: 2
	posturing is like a child: 2
	patrol acquaintances day's work: 1
	She has residuary aspect of herself if she morph into anyone: 1
	blink sanguine eyes when she is strongly influenced from Satomi: 1
	She melts on one of her favorite spots daytime: 1
	ghostomania SATOMI Kyosuke: 1
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Skill -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
	dominion of "TARE": 13
	amateurish morph: 10
	creep, lengthen and bloat: 10
	detected by anyone without sixth sense: 11
	beyond the bounds of common sense: 11
	the exercise capability: 10
	autonomy: 12
	sneak through: 11
	floating fly:13
	ilk search: 10
	cheer on: 12
	studies: 9
	general common sense: 9
	knowledge of various matters: 9
Life skill:
Language skill:
	Japanese: 10
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Belongings -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
clothes: nothing.
tools: boogie suit.
interpreted by killist.



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