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Sub:[en][HA06C]Territory engneer Shin-to girl:FUJISAKI Chio:

*********  KATARIBE character record form  electron version  *********
HA06: Territory engneer Shin-to girl                            miburo
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-  Character  private information  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Name: FUJISAKI Chio                      Sex: femail
Height: 159.5cm                          Weight: 44kg
Date of birth: 11 May 1986.
Age: 18 years old.
Family: Father( He is scholar of cerebrophysiology),
        Mother( She is housewife ) and relations in Kyoto
History: Chio has been able to see ghosts, but she knew that is 
uncommonly skill. So, she has kept it secret. To defend herselves 
against ghosts, she learned casting territoryspells by magic master.
In her junior high-school ages, Chio had a lover. According to relati-
ons deeper, she lost her spritual power and fairy sight. One day, her
lover was attacked by an evil ghost. Then, her power revived for 
protect beloved. But he saw Chio as a kind of monster. They parted.

*Rider:"casting territoryspells"
Chio is a magician. Her specialized field is alteration of rules about
spaces. She learned this magic a method of Shin-to(rites of Japanese 

*Rider:"fairy sight"
Chio is able to see ghosts.

Chio can persuade ghosts.

1: Everyone knows
	She dislikes about occult things.
2: Friend knows
	Her eyes can catch ghosts.
3: Limited
	She can cast some spells about Territory creation.
	She have been disappointed in love so bitter.
4: Even oneself don't know

--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Remaining power -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
total energy[15]	physical energy[4]	mental energy[11]
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The characteristic -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Social position:
	third grade of private high school Kasuga: 1
	and do well at school: 2
	study under magic master: 2
	pretty girl: 2
        slender: 2
	calmness: 1
	short cut: 1
	she is poor at sports and gets tired easily: 1

	pessimist of love: 1
	fussy about cleenliness: 1
	smart: 1
	frankly way of speaking: 1
	return ace of conversation: 1
	dislikes psychics: 1
        mobile phobia: 2
        trauma ( for cast a binding seal ): 3

	spiritual power: 3
        arrangement mania: 2
        secret ( about her psychic ): 3
        friends ( a information collecter ): 2

	mental energy -1 ( maintenance cost of homesecurity charm )
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Skill -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
	casting territoryspells : 13
	persuasion: 11
        literary club: 9
        apprentice of femme fatal( of course joke! ): 9
	fairy sight: 12
	sports: 8
	ride on a bicycle: 6
	autonomy: 12
        documents search: 11
        knowledge of occult matters: 10
	general common sense: 10
	knowledge of various matters: 10
	studies: 13
Life skill:
	cooking cakes: 9
	cleaning: 10
Language skill:
	Japanese: 11
        Ancient Japanese: 10
	English: 9
        Kyoto dialect: 11
       ( it mainly used laughing at someone in euphemism )
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Belongings -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
clothes:she has a large wardrobe
tools:glass nails,chalks,a portable phone


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