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*********  KATARIBE character record form  electron version  *********
HA06: One-eyed girl                                              kurow
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-  Character  private information  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Name: MARUI hitome                     Sex: Girl
Height: 153cm                          Weight: 33kg
Date of birth: 7 July 1994.
Age: 10 years old.
Family: Father( He is cyclops ), Mother( She is human ) and relations
( They are all cyclops ).
History: Hitome evolve from woman and cyclops, And she lived an ivory-
towered house. But the family moved to the Furi when Her mother hoped
for and Hitome skilled the create illusion.
They are secreting being the cyclops by diverse means to unripe Hitome
don't the create illusion well-season. But she is perverting the right
way because her dad teaches in amusement.
Hitome has athletic ability. But she is a bad player that all of ball
game, because she has one-eye therefore she is lack of perspective.
Hitome isn't fragrance of a coffee, She will faint away if she get
a sniff fragrance of a coffee bean.
Besides,dad isn't fragrance of celery.

Monster who appears in Greek myths.

*Rider:"evil-eye of illusion"
Cyclops can dazzle one with the one-eye that has effect of bamboozle-
Hitome is an immature of creator of illusion.

Hitome can apprehend slight breeze in area of 5 meter by the super-
natural sense.

*Rider:"crystal laser"
The eye can pot laser.
It's good for a laser pointer too.

1: Everyone knows
	Honors student who quick on the uptake.
	Hitome conceal her face.
2: Friend knows
	Hitome shot laser from her eye.
3: Limited
	To tell the truth, Hitome is cyclops.
	Hitome has the ability of  bamboozlement.
	Hitome is a cadre of "The Empire of MEDAMA".
4: Even oneself don't know
--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Remaining power -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
total energy[15]	physical energy[7]	mental energy[8]
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The characteristic -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Social position:
	a cyclops: 2
	camouflage a human on a routine basis: 1
	fourth grade Furi Gakko Elementary School: 1
	evil eye: 3
	one-eye: 2
	broad outlook: 1
	olfactories on forehead: 2
	vivi-sonar: 3
	strong: 2
	be good hands: 2
	one-eye laser: 2
	lack of perspective: 2
	one length and shoulder-length hair: 2
	slimness: 2
	isn't fragrance of a coffee: 3
	when camouflage:
		coiffure like Kitarou: 1
		right eye-ball is not: 2
	belonephobia: 1
	meet eater: 1
	can't sleep where is anybody: 2
	pragmatist: 1
	Hitome feel envious who has many eyes: 1
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Skill -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
	evil-eye of illusion: 9
	crystal laser: 11
	the exercise capability: 12
	grapple: 9
	autonomy: 7
	ball game: 6
	close range spatial reasoning capacity: 13
	studies: 11
	general common sense: 11
	knowledge of various matters: 9
Life skill:
	cook: 8
	drawing: 9
Language skill:
	Japanese: 10
	English: 8
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Belongings -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
interpreted by killist.


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