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Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 02:10:17 +0900
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Subject: [KATARIBE 27914] [en][HA06C] Raccoon disguiser: Christina McDougal
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*********  KATARIBE character record form  electron version  *********
HA06: Raccoon disguiser                                        killist
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-  Character  private information  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Name: Christina McDougal              Sex: Female.
Height: 165cm.                        Weight: 48kg.
Date of birth: Unknown.
Age: Unknown( Look like a high school student ).
Family: Parents and younger brother. ( They lives in U.S.A. )
History: Come from the Mississippi. Chris was taught an magic (art)
of disguise by raccoon dog they moving from Japan. After the
encounter, Chris visit Japan. Chris is staying the mansion "Mudo".

It's synonym of taxonomy on an outline.but it contains monsters like
an animal ( ex.werewolf, specter cat,  specter fox... ). And contains
half of hybrid.

1: Everyone knows
	A blonde foreigner.
	Chris talk japanese that foreignery intonation.
2: Friend knows
	Chris is an American.
	Chris is a naughty girl.
	Chris goes to far joke.
3: Limited
	Chris learned magic (art) of disguise.
	Chris is raccoon.
4: Even oneself don't know
--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Remaining power -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
total energy[15]	physical energy[5]	mental energy[10]
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The characteristic -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Social position:
	came from the mississippi: 2
	live in furi: 1
	type of "American voluptuous beauty" ( man shape ): 1
	a blonde ( man shape ): 1
	rich fur ( raccoon shape ): 1
	dependence of mischief: 2
	fond of cleanness: 3
	limit breaker: 1
	dislike dogs: 2
	dislike pungent: 2
	give a wide berth to letter: 1
	animosity to genus of Vulpes: 2
	see F.A.dishwasher as a rival: 1
	see F.A.washing machine as a rival: 1
	see F.A.car washer as a rival: 2
	like deep-fried tofu: 1
	without effect for genus of Canis: 3
	with effect for mayor: 3
	sponge mansion "Mudo": 2
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Skill -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
	room cleaning: 11
	outdoor cleaning: 10
	laundry: 13
	the exercise capability: 11
	grapple: 11
	autonomy: 9
	metamorph ( self ): 13
	metamorph ( object ): 13
	studies: 9
	general common sense: 10
	encyclopedic knowledge: 9
Life skill:
	sponger: 9
Language skill:
	Japanese: 10
	English: 10
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Belongings -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
	"I LOVE NY" T-shirt.
	"I LOVE NIKU" T-shirt. ("NIKU" means meat.)
	"USO" T-shirt. ("USO" means lie.)
	"TOKUMORI" T-shirt ("TOKUMORI" means super large serving.)
	"SKUNK" parka.
	T-shirt of list of fixed menu.
	bush clover's leafs.
	sling shot (200 yen).


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