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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 06:51:18 +0900
From: killist <killist@abox22.so-net.ne.jp>
Subject: [KATARIBE 27911] Re: [en][HA06C]Cat has "Talent":Sekka (correction)
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*********  KATARIBE character record form  electron version  *********
HA06: Cat has "Talent"                                        killist
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-  Character  private information  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Name:Sekka                            Sex:male
Height:15cm                           Weight:7kg
Date of birth:Winter "I forget minute date."
Age:Unknown(Over 6 years old)
Family:Unknown. "I didn't saw who look like my family."
History:"I was picked up by a man,in my babyhood. I passed 3 years
with him.I parted from him when process of removal. I have heard
nothing from him after the accident.I am a stray cat now."

*Rider:"language of Japanese cats"
Language that was talked by genus of native Japanese cats. It
contains a gestures. The language is understood perfectly by only
genus of native Japanese cats. The language is understood by genus
of other living thing and genus of foreign cats only gestures vague.

What is called supernatural power. And who has the power.
mind-read:Sekka doesn't uses language of Japanese cats on
  mind-read.It obtains information from notion, concrete image and
  sentiment of target person.
telepathy:Sekka doesn't uses language of Japanese cats on
  telepathy.It send information from notion, concrete image and
  sentiment of himself.
creation:Sekka can creates only matter( non-life ).
vanishion:Sekka can vanishes only matter( non-life ).

1: Everyone knows
	Sekka is a unshapely stray cat.
	Sekka is quietly cat.
2: Friend knows
	Sekka doesn't hunts.
	Wonder happens surroundings of Sekka sometimes.
	Sekka is tomcat.
3: Limited
	The wonders was happened by Sekka.
4: Even oneself don't know
--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Remaining power -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
total energy[15]	physical energy[4]	mental energy[11]
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The characteristic -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Social position:
	came from a distance: 1
	live in furi:1
	a cat:2
	white fur: 1
	unshapely for some reason: 2
	golden eyes:1
	scar face: 1
	shabby: 2
	clumsiness: 1
	be allergic to hot food(like a cat): 3
	gentle: 2
	don't leave a person who unlucky alone: 2
	intend don't attack: 2
	hate evil doings: 2
	have a strong will: 1
	never give up: 2
	don't spare help: 2
	like peace: 3
	non-smoker: 1
	non-drinker: 1
	non-silverviner ( Silvervine resembles catnip in effect ): 2
	cowardice: 2
	like aroma of strawberry: 1
	strong "talent": 2
	a man who look Sekka suspect "He is good cat.": 1
	sixth sense: 2
	make a good impression on a people: 1
	make strong "talents" on term that take on a risk: 3
	make strong "talent" when cure others: 2
	make weak "talent" when cure himself: 2
	be straying: 1
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Skill -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
	the exercise capability: 7
	grapple: 7
	autonomy: 13
	"talent"( check-luck ): 13
	"talent"( cure hurt of heart ): 13
	"talent"( treat-hurt ): 11
	"talent"( psychokinesis ): 11
	"talent"( teleportation ): 11
	"talent"( barrier:heat, EMP, elementary particle line, PK and
		others ): 13
	"talent"( barrier:bullet, arrow, knives and others ): 10
	"talent"( telepathy )
	"talent"( mind-read )
	"talent"( protection:mind-read, dream-walk, mind-control and
		others ): 13
	"talent"( creation )
	"talent"( vanishion )
	general common sense: 9
	knowledge of various matters: 8
Life skill:
	life of stray cat: 9
Language skill:
	language of Japanese cats: 9
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Belongings -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
tools:necklace of distorted orb (a talisman).



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